Janathon Day 4


Impressively, Lorna chose not to utilise her new culinary skills accrued through watching The Great British Bake Off, Master Chef, Delia and Nigella stuff and all the cookery shows which comprise every other programme on all channels. The tray bake clearly turned against her! It tasted good but I had to severely mark it down for presentation. Thank God for Waitrose (or was it Tesco) who saved the day and provided some cakes to celebrate my 250th parkrun some while ago.

Just another two mile run today. The weather remains spookily mild in Cambridge and I ran in shorts and a short sleeved top. I felt more energetic than yesterday and covered the same distance in a minute less.

My new head torch should arrive tomorrow although I won’t wear it if I go running with the club in the evening. I’m bound to feel self conscious because I’ve never used one before. Will people crowd around me and steal my light?  If I’m a source of illumination, will I be regarded as wise? Should I wear it in the daylight to avoid these problems? Should I go to sleep now? Definitely.


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