Janathon Day 5

Aha! Those quick on the uptake will notice Lorna is wearing our new head lamp. It’s a Petzl Tikka RXP (I’m sure I’ve ordered something similar in a restaurant at some point).

Lorna got to model it because there was an unseemly struggle (after I managed to prise the lamp from the packaging) and she won. Anyway, we are pleased with it and all we need is a little bit of darkness  to try it out.

Out running with the club tonight. We meet at the University of Cambridge athletics track. A track session is always offered but I opt to do the road running. We did an 800 metre warm up run on the track, jogged 1k to a particular point and then did 4 x 6 minute pace running with 4 minute recoveries. It all went tickety boo

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