Janathon Day 13 Rupert is discombobulated!


Rupert feels anxious as the strange crocodile type creature passes across the sky. I’m worried that it might eat my polytunnel. Possibly time to move back to the city, any city. It’ll be safer.

The fence I’m building, just in front of the polytunnel, is responsible for my temporary back ache. I’m having to cut a lot of wire and fix it to the bottom of the visible wire netting so about 20-25 cms  is lying horizonal but buried 12 cms. Rabbits come up to the fence and start to burrow and then meet the buried netting. They might move along and dig again with the same result but crucially they don’t move back to beyond the extent of the buried wire and dig under it. Of course they might be high IQ Cambridge rabbits in which case I will be very displeased.

BBC Radio 4 Inside Health looked at exercise and osteoarthritis and building muscle strength. The scary Scots Dr Margaret McCartney came over all gooey waxing lyrical about parkrun. There was a discussion about optimum levels of exercise and building up your level of fitness. Well worth catching on podcast.  I listened to it on a little windup radio as I worked on the fence and sometimes didn’t hear bits. I was also distracted by a line of rabbits some way off watching me and laughing!

I went running in the dark again. I’m getting to like it. I feel more tired at the end of the day but after a few minutes the tiredness recedes and my energy returns. I’ll consider going for longer runs at night locally and perhaps in Cambridge city centre.

3 thoughts on “Janathon Day 13 Rupert is discombobulated!

      • It’s about 13-14c when I run in the mornings although it feels colder in some pockets. Not all that cold but I don’t tolerate it well at all. More of a summer runner. I love the sun.

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