Janathon Day 18 Everyone’s gawping at everyone else


I took this picture of Trinity College’s Jerwood Library, on the bank of the Cam, yesterday. The light was poor, I was cold and it was taken with the wrong lens. To make matters worse, I was just able to lip read one of the gilded youths inside the warm library. He turned towards another chap, who was probably clutching a teddy bear, and said “Look at that twit, standing in the cold, trying to take photo of us with his silly telephoto lens.”

Another cold day, today. The temperature didn’t go much above zero centigrade and tomorrow morning it will be more like -3 or -4c. I went for an afternoon run, starting in an adjacent village and running along the Cam in the opposite direction to usual, that is towards Ely rather than Cambridge, There’s no clay cycle path going this way and it proved to be very muddy. I did around 3 miles which felt enough.

2 thoughts on “Janathon Day 18 Everyone’s gawping at everyone else

    • Yes, they do look very cosy in the library.I gravitate to this bridge each time I go into Cambridge. There’s a collision of various worlds here – the students, the tourists, the punters, the locals, the families of the students and cyclists of all descriptions and of course, the bridges and buildings.

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