Janathon Day 19 Something like winter


Hard frost this morning, around -5C or -6C. Brrrrrrrrrr!



No, this isn’t Siberia or the frozen Alaskan wastes, it’s Worts Meadow in rural Cambridgeshire but there are undeniable similarities. All three locations are pretty chilly and require the correct standard of clothing and protection to survive the hazardous environment. Luckily I made it home unscathed, accompanied by Rupert the dalmatian (he didn’t fare so well. The intense cold caused a couple of his spots to fall off).

I had previously decided not to run with the club tonight (a planned fartlek around Cambridge) and instead do a long run by the river. The temperature was one or two degrees above zero and I wore my heaviest cycling jacket to keep the cold at bay. In the end I ran a bit further than I anticipated and did just over 10 miles. I came across surprising number of runners of all ages( and the obligatory walkers cluttering up the tow path).

Janathon total so far around 69 miles (running).

4 thoughts on “Janathon Day 19 Something like winter

    • Ta! I wrap up very, very warm in the cold and I don’t take clothes off. Is it the aspirin thinning the blood which makes me so cold sensitive? I’m sure it’s one of these bloody cardiac medications.

      • I remember getting very confused as an undergraduate when doing a test on temperature control, there’s core temperature and skin temperature and I can’t remember which one makes you do the change in behaviour to change your temperature. Then there’s the thermoregulator in your brain that goes haywire during the menopause and causes the hot flushes – I mean what’s that about ? I’m no less confused now! 😳

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