Janathon Day 21 It’s all about the image, man


In the spring or summer I hope to do a bit of trail or fell running somewhere in the UK. Never done it before. I’ve only taken in occasional steep hills or undulating countryside. We’ll probably try to identify a race that’s manageable for an inexperienced fell runner rather than opting to run up and down something that should be tackled with ropes, crampons and ice axes. Nor do I want to be in a race with ultra tough looking fell men that eat ice when they need a drink and run up as fast as they run down. There must be something suitable for a soft Southerner (living in the East).

I’m currently doing a screen printing course for complete beginners, during the daytime, in a local college. It’s in a large art room/studio full of much used art equipment, paint stained sinks, racks, screen print benches of varying sizes and everything to support multi media. Second session tomorrow. It’s a bit like being back at school but more relaxed and with a benign teacher.

Another night time run. Didn’t really feel like it initially. After 5 minutes I came alive and felt much more alert and energetic. That’s the thing with running – it wakes you up!

Parkrun on the weekend. We’ll do Wimpole Hall Estate. It’ll be muddy and slow but we’ll be with friends, have a nice mug of coffee post run and the bookshop will beckon. Heaven.


2 thoughts on “Janathon Day 21 It’s all about the image, man

  1. I had to laugh recently when I saw an advert in a running magazine for a company which organises trips to major running events. There were a series of logos for marathons in Paris, Tokyo, New York, Chicago, Boston and in the middle Tameside. Tameside? I thought, surely that’s not the Tameside just outside Manchester where I used to live? Another post industrial area with poor hospitals? There’s nothing international or excellent there surely? But there are hills, lots of em, and when I googled it apparently the ‘tour of Tameside ‘ and the associated marathon are the thing to do if you are a fell runner. I wouldn’t recommend it for your first go though! Maybe move slowly northwards, aren’t the Cotswolds gently undulating?

    • No, I want the real thing. I’ll toughen myself by watching You Tube videos of fell races and reading books by officially tough people. Besides,. the whole of the Cotswolds is a gated community these days. There are road blocks everywhere. You’d have to bluff your way in with a copy of the Telegraph under one arm and Country Life under the other (I confess to reading them occasionally. Don’t tell Jeremy).

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