Janathon Day 20 The “Gate Keeper”

IMG_20160119_082057978 Rupert is unimpressed by the scary “shadow man” manifestation which appears fleetingly then disappears. That’s the nature of shadows, man! He is the “Gate Keeper.” If “shadow man” is present, you may pass through the “gate,” to gain entrance to the next field, or rather “field”. If you don’t see him, DO NOT PASS THROUGH THE GATE. Rather worrisome, innit! But not as worrisome as Sarah Palin and Donald Trump on the same platform.

After my 10 mile run yesterday, I felt rather good ie tired but relaxed and appreciative of an evening rest. I felt an impulse to have another long run today and had to resist it. I ran a couple of miles only just before dusk.

3 thoughts on “Janathon Day 20 The “Gate Keeper”

    • No, I’m sure the Americans don’t associate farting with the word trump, more’s the pity.From Old French trompe and Old High German trumpa. Urban Dictionary suggests it’s Midlands to Northern slang. It’s known in the South and East but not very common. Perhaps I should use it more often to increase popularity.

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