Janathon Day 24 The rabbits are coming…..


The weather has turned very mild again ( in the East of England). This afternoon it reached 13C and I was wearing a tee shirt (plus a few other items) when I continued building the rabbit proof fence around the polytunnel and allotment area.  I suddenly became aware of large group of rabbits, at least twenty, about 30 metres away, who appeared to be watching me and laughing. Several of them began to jump as if on springs and must have reached a metre in height. By coincidence my fence is a metre high. Clearly I will have to keep an eye on this. If the rabbits team up with the muntjac deer, it could go from bad to worse. I had visions of the deer carrying bunnies on their backs to assist them to jump down over the other side..

I had a lie in this morning so Rupert had a late walk, I went to the Emmaus community shop, did other stuff, worked on the fence and then went for a late two mile run just before dusk instead of a long run as I had intended. Never mind, it was still a productive day. I managed to buy a sturdy six foot by three foot table in Emmaus which is perfect to use as a craft surface for screen printing, cutting stencils and tee shirt design.

The Tory party has announced plans to help Muslim women to learn English and Cameron said a £20m fund would provide classes for all women struggling with the language. He linked better or attainment of English skills with helping to prevent radicalisation. However, the coalition government severely cut funding for language classes aimed at migrant women and between 2008 and 2015  there was a £160m reduction in available funds for teaching English to this target group. This is high end deceit. The Tories specialise in it.

5 thoughts on “Janathon Day 24 The rabbits are coming…..

  1. I heard that they had been spending taxpayers money on providing springs for rabbits under the enterprise allowance scheme. ‘ Helping them to help themselves’ -I believe that’s a Tory mantra, although ‘helping yourself’ up north is a euphemism ( we don’t always say it straight) for stealing.

      • Ha! I thought I’d written a huge tirade about this (Torres trying to privatise NHS by making working conditions impossible for doctors) but it appears not! Maybe I deleted instead, probably just as well😄

  2. They certainly are. Pension changes are pushing a lot of consultants to retire to avoid losing money and the planned introduction for us to be resident on call working shifts and the new contract will lead to a mass exodus of anyone over the age of 55. They haven’t trained enough doctors so they won’t be able to provide an elective service without all the older, experienced people. Personally, I don’t do any private practice, I earn enough on the NHS and I’m happy to put my energy into doing the best I can there. However, the prospect of setting up my own practice is quite attractive now, because at least I would have some autonomy. I could handpick my team and the more work we did, the more we’d get paid. The only fly in the ointment? Most of the patients I treat on the NHS don’t have any money put by just in case they need to pay for healthcare. What is going to happen to people?

  3. A lot of consultants work in the NHS and private practice. Will that still be an option? You paint a very worrying picture. It’s difficult for people to see the wood for the tree when trying to get their heads around the NHS changes. I think they are used to gloomy NHS scenarios but fail to see the actuality of the proposals ie how they will play out in a wider sense. Thank God a good number of doctors demonstrate a degree of altruism in the context having a overall view of what’s fair and what is reasonable for them to contribute.
    As for what will happen to people who can’t afford to pay if the NHS service is not there to provide at the right time, I suppose they will be at a greater disadvantage with higher mortality or poorer quality of life. Thanks for that, Dave and Jeremy H.

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