Aliveandrunning Janathon January 7

Cambridge and Coleridge  Running Club this evening. Two options – track and road. I invariably road run, despite the uneven and poorly lit pavements. I managed to get thrashed twice by the branches of two trees that I failed to see. I definitely heard the trees snigger as they slapped my face. I’m sure they will be all innocence in the daylight. We did 6 X  600 metres at varying speeds with recovery jogs back to the same point. Very enjoyable and a good workout.

I hope to get a pair of trail shoes this week and then test them out on the weekend when I run Wimpole Estate parkrun. My running chum who was there on Sunday confirmed it was, and will be, very muddy. I will obey the new rule and remove my dirty shoes at the door before enjoying  a lovely cup of coffee and one of their tasty rock cakes in the National Trust cafe/restaurant. I will then slip over to their second hand book or pre-loved wood pulp word collection artefact or whatever the National Trust now calls old fashioned books. The grubby things are so last century!

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