Aliveandrunning January 16 2015 Janathon Day 16

DSC_0268Back to Wimpole Estate parkrun tomorrow where they’ll be celebrating their second birthday. Along with Cambridge, they cancelled last week because of the high winds. It’s expected to be below freezing and there could be snow so I will have to dress sensibly. That comes so easily to me because I am innately ┬ásensible. We are taking arch rival Kerry with us although he hasn’t run since last Saturday when he was blown off his cycle into a ditch. I presume he was badly bruised and just needs a couple of weeks off to fully recover. He’s coming along to spectate, not run. I’m running so that makes me the winner, doesn’t it?

Another 2 mile run today. It was cold, dark and I had eaten too much.

Breaking news brought to me by Ms Alive and Running! Wimpole are warning that they may cancel tomorrow because of the icy conditions. What!!!