Aliveandrunning January 7 2015 Janathon Day 7


I bought this life size porcelain dalmatian at a heavily discounted price. As you see he stands guard at an open five bar gate and represents duty and steadfastness. Classy, no? I’m in negotiation for another 100 which would be 101% classier.

Not able to go running until later tonight so I’m going to to employ a cutting edge, innovative technique. I’m will record my run and blog it here before I actually do it.

OK, here goes.

Default 2 mile run this evening. Strong wind but mild temperature. Didn’t see anybody. Very dark. I sang God Save the Queen (Sex Pistols version) to keep my spirits up. A gang of owls, no, make that a parliament of owls, took umbrage over my hi viz jacket and attacked me. That’s owl pecked not hen pecked.