Aliveandrunning January 27 2015 Janathon Day 27

IMG_20150127_091134732 Snowdrops! Always lovely to see in mid winter. You don’t tend to notice them until they flower and then you wonder how you could have missed them.

I went running with the club this evening and I paid particular attention to the low curb near the track which caused me to fall last week. Looking at it very closely, I found it to be impossibly high. No wonder I came to grief. It was the curb’s fault after all and nothing to do with me not picking my feet up. Vindicated!

We did a 1k time trial then 5 x 1k with 3 minute recoveries. I didn’t have any difficulties with this and I don’t anticipate any adverse consequences tomorrow. My right gluteal muscle still feels bruised but it’s getting better and shouldn’t cause any further problems (hopefully).

Today’s Janathon total : around 7k.