Aliveandrunning January 19 2015 Janathon Day 19


Yesterday’s run into Cambridge from my village demonstrated the lack of priority walkers, runners ¬†and cyclists have in the minds of planning authorities. To get to the main road into Cambridge, you have to take a long detour through another larger village. Additionally, the Park and Ride site is not accessible by foot unless you approach it by a long route through the aforementioned “larger” village. Large and sinister, some might say. And complacent with their ample stock of paths and pavements.

Went for a 2 mile run in the dark, at 5 pm, and got back to serve our evening meal. It was cold and I didn’t meet anyone. All the runners were probably poodling around a larger, sinister, complacent and ostentatious village.

What’s happening with my therapeutic gardening project? I’ve completed the planning request application forms and asked my named planning officer (who visited the site) to look over it prior to being submitted.

Picture : Jerwood Library, Trinity Hall, by the side of the Cam in Cambridge.