Aliveandrunning Janathon January 3

Day 3. I donned my black running tights again and ventured into the gloom. My new haircut today allowed me to glide along with superb aerodynamic efficiency. I plumped for an uncontroversial short  style after the barber declined to work his magic and  transform my barnet ( cockney rhyming slang – Barnet fair = hair) so it was indistinguishable from Rod Stewart’ coiffure circa 1972. It was dark and drizzly and strangely, mildly exhilarating. I duplicated my 2 mile run of yesterday since I left it late to hit the road and needed to get back to cook the family meal. I soon got into a running groove and an owl and nightjar flew alongside me, commenting on and advising me about, my running gait. “We see lots of nocturnal joggers, ” he twitt-a-wooed,”and I can confirm you’ve got very good running form. Keep up the training and you’ve got a parkrun win in the bag.” “Yes,”sang the nightjar,”but you will need trail shoes in muddy conditions. We heard about your experience at Huntingdon parkrun on New Years Day. You nearly came to a standstill.” I didn’t need reminding,thank you!

I’m marshaling at Cambridge parkrun tomorrow morning and the forecast is heavy rain. I may go for a longer run in the afternoon with an informal running group. The weather is expected to improve.

I considered applying for the Great North Run today. I completed the online form but baulked at the entry fee of £50. Decided against it. I would love to do it but I would have to stop over for a day or two because of the distance to travel. Taking part in a really big event is exciting but not necessary for a runner. What we need to do is just run…anywhere.

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