Aliveandrunning Janathon January 21

cidImage_FOT4128 (2)

Day 21. Another cold day. This winter I’m wearing more layers in the morning when I’m walking Rupert in Wort’s Meadow. Suddenly and inexplicably I caught myself wearing these thermal long johns which belong to Lorna. The image of myself looking similar to Brad Pitt in Gladiator briefly vanished. I went out in T shirt, heavy fleece, a ski jacket and another substantial coat over it. Plus mittens. Unless it’s very cold (below -3C) I don’t wear a hat. I guess it was around -1C today in the morning  but in the afternoon it rose to 3 or 4C and the sun came out. The chill left me and I felt comfortably warm doing gardening in fleece and T shirt ( plus trousers, obviously).

Cambridge and Coleridge running club this evening and the temperature was down to zero. I wore tracksters, two tops, a winter running jacket and gloves. I felt so much better than in the morning. We did a number of sprints with decreasing recovery times in each of 3 sets. I enjoy sprinting because I feel acutely alive and because I can still do it. It’s very enjoyable sprinting in a group and in the middle of a Cambridge  road  underneath the street lights.

Interesting programme on BBC 1 at 10.35 pm called The Naked Rambler. He’s a former Royal Marine who undergoes long walks wearing only boots and a rucksack. He’s spent nearly 7 years in Scottish jails for continuing to defy court rulings that he should not appear naked in public. A good example of the law discrediting itself.

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