Aliveandrunning January 8 2015 Janathon Day 8


Yes, it’s Mr Cool Running here. I’ve seen the future and it’s orange. I give tips, too. Best diet? Eat less. Want to run faster? Increase your speed. Having relationship problems? Make up fast. Constipated? Eat Brussels sprouts three times a day until I tell you to stop (or you explode). Simples being a running agony uncle when you don an orange hoodie. You positively reek of authority and wisdom.

For the past two evenings, I’ve been out running after I’ve eaten or rather I’ve not left sufficient time for digestion. So my stomach hasn’t felt comfortable. What advice would I dispense to myself if I chose to put on my guru hat? Eat after the run. Simples.

Hopefully, we’ll do Wimpole Estate parkrun on the weekend. Unfortunately Wimpole Estate management stop access to the parkland when winds are above 50 mph and current forecasts predict 53 mph. Unless wind speed forecasts reduce, parkrun may be cancelled. Thus depriving me of a lovely run plus a visit to their impressive second hand bookshelf. Despite Wimpole being 12 miles away, Cambridgeshire’s flatness allows sound to travel long distances. On a quiet day, I often hear the books calling to me and begging to be rescued. I hope I don’t disappoint them.

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