Aliveandrunning January 10 2015 Janathon Day 10

WP_20150110_001 Cambridge parkrun cancelled! When I ventured outside around 7.30 am I didn’t think it was particularly windy. When I took Rupert the dalmatian for a quick 10 minute walk in the open field, I revised my opinion. It was very windy but strangely mild. Around 8 am a parkrun insider texted that the Rangers at Milton Country Park had deemed the strong winds too hazardous and were closing the park at least until 11.30 am.

At that point a small but perfect drama unfolded. Our running pal Sue had passed through our village on route to another adjacent village taking her daughters to an activity when she saw our fastest running chum Kerry walking his bike on the road. Stopping, it emerged that he had been blown into one of the substantial drainage ditches. A motorist had stopped and pulled him and his bike out. He was shaken up but not obviously hurt and managed to get to our cottage without further incident.

Arch running rivals Mike and Sue ran to a local farm cafe where we all planned to meet up. I decided to run to the farm, a distance of under 2 miles and Ms Alive and Running took Kerry in the car. I battled against a very strong headwind but got to the cafe first. Not opened yet and no-one had arrived so I went for a little jog around the small raised reservoir in the picture. Immediately it started to rain hard and then hail. I was quickly soaked through. Ms Alive and Running dropped Kerry at the cafe and went to collect Mike and Sue who were cowering under branches half a mile away.

After coffee and some eats, I ran back home.The wind I assumed would help me on return had changed direction and I was again battling a fierce head wind. The temperature also dropped so I felt cold as well as damp. Thank you very much Greek weather gods! Anymore malarkey like this and I’ll transfer my allegiance to the Egyptians.

4 thoughts on “Aliveandrunning January 10 2015 Janathon Day 10

  1. Ahh yes. I’m familiar with the phenomenon of an out and back route resulting in a head wind in both directions. How does the weather manage to know which way you’re going and when to turn? Clearly I’ve also got the wrong weather gods on speed dial.

    • Well, I clearly saw a large smirking face in the clouds so for me it was personal. There’s one way to avoid this type of persecution. Don’t go out in threatening or rough weather!

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