Aliveandrunning January 11 2015 Janathon Day 11

Picture 3


What’s happening with the therapeutic gardening project? Well, it’s slowly moving forward. My chum Guy who works for a large seed company is fairly certain I will be able to have this polytunnel, and possibly a new covering, and additionally there is a much larger version which he owns and could donate directly. I am required to apply for planning permission for these tunnels plus a 15 x 10 foot shed which will need funding. I’m currently finishing the application on line. I’ll finish the charity’s constitution this week and approach the Co-op bank to open an account.

The polytunnels are no longer used and have fallen into disrepair but with a good clean, a new site on a field and a new skin of polythene, everything will be A1 at Lloyds.There may be an issue with the larger tunnel. If there is an objection because of the size, the small one will do initially while the project establishes itself.

I don’t seem to be able to run during daylight at the moment. Yet again it was relegated to after I had eaten a large meal and as a result the first mile was not very comfortable. Running on a relatively full stomach is daft. Running in the dark is enjoyable particularly when its cold enough to wear my new hi viz cycling jacket. I don’t feel chilled as soon as I leave the house and I don’t overheat in it.


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