Aliveandrunning January 20 2015 Janathon Day 20

WP_20150120_006 A cold morning but not as cold as yesterday when my mouth froze shut. This is the Wise Old Bench of Bourne Wood where I walk Rupert the dalmatian. It’s reputed to infuse wisdom in anyone who sits on it for more than five minutes. Why is no-one sitting on it? Everyone in the village has already sat on it and we all have maximum wisdom (except UKIP sympathisers who are not susceptible to benign influences).

Possibly, I need a top up. Tonight I went running with the club after I failed to negotiate a low curb at the track and fell flat on the floor. I landed on my bum quite hard. It felt a little sore and I judged it fine to carry on. We did a pyramid on a new route around Cambridge roads, alleys and green spaces which was experimental and required bravado because it was very poorly lit. This went well as did the warm down exercises but after a 20 minute car journey my bum felt painful and I walked stiffly. Ms Alive and Running was not pleased with my heroism and said something along the lines of “You can be such a ******* idiot sometimes.” Guilty as charged.

About 5 miles in all. Let’s hope I can run tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Aliveandrunning January 20 2015 Janathon Day 20

  1. Not much sympathy from Mrs A&R? I feel sorry for you, but as I have similar chromosomes to her I know that she is probably right. Never mind.

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