Aliveandrunning January 23 2015 Janathon Day 23


I sauntered into the surgery displaying a devil may care attitude. Booking in for my annual cardiovascular checkup, the counter staff were obviously struck by my charisma and magnetism. I wandered over to look at the reading matter table and it all fell apart, big time. Carpworld had escaped from Tesco’s shelf and wormed its way into a GP’s surgery! This is really toxic stuff which deserves to have its front page covered. It’s peddling lies. Are we expected to believe this is a real fish? Surely it’s inflated with air! If it is real, could this clearly elderly man summon the strength to pick it up? And why is he looking at it as if he’s holding a great, great grandchild? Completely bewildered, they led me to the clinical room containing the Health Care Assistant who spoke to me gently and did her devilish tests. Her top advice? Stay away fro angling mags, Oscar; they seem to work you up.

Following my fall, the pain in my butt continues to improve and I thought I would go for a little run to test my fitness. I ran my usual default 2 miles without problems and 3 hours afterwards, it’s fine. That means I’ll do Wimpole parkrun tomorrow. Hopefully it will be warmer than this morning’s -6c at 8 am.

The Guardian’s Lost in Showbiz is worth reading today, particularly if you are a fan of asterisks being called upon to part censor dangerously rude words in Sun world.

Stop press : Cambridge United has just held Manchester United to a draw at Cambridge in the FA Cup competition. Think David and Goliath.

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