Aliveandrunning Janathon January 10

South Cambridgeshire-20140110-00330

Day 10. I was due to scoot down the M11 from Cambridge to Woodford to see mater and collect my daughter   Isobelle who was returning with me to Cambridge. The plan was to run late evening (again in the dark) but the M11 was blocked by a serious accident and I set out later when the motorway re-opened. This enabled me to run in the morning, another 2 miler. I need to do longer runs which will make me feel fitter and stronger. The cardiac medication I take does me no favours in the context of running to my maximum. It limits the amount of effort I am able to put into a race. Of course the medication is doing a job of work (presumably) so I will continue to take it. It’s tempting to stop them although I concede that running faster  and getting a new personal best at parkrun is not the best reason for discontinuing treatment.

It’s Wimpole Estate parkrun’s first anniversary tomorrow and only the fittest will survive the swamps and bogs. I will require lashings of grip and traction which will be supplied by new trail shoes shown above.I’m looking forward to their coffee and a rock cake after the run but the cafe/restaurant has laid down some heavy rules, man! To enter their nice, warm  cafe we will have to take off our muddy shoes and socks and put on clean, dry footwear. Fair enough, I suppose. I’m not responsible for washing their floors. But is it right that young running gods like me should be subject to the demands of mere mortal men and their inconsequential edicts. Parking may prove to be more of a problem. The usual area is water logged and won’t be used.

Isobelle is running, Lorna will be taking pictures and son Dan is doing parkrun at Valentine’s Park parkrun in Ilford, Essex. Valentines is a fast 5K on flat asphalt paths. He hopes to do under 22 minutes. Good luck.

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