Aliveandrunning January 12 2015 Janathon Day 12

WP_20150112_002 I managed to go for a run in daylight today. I ran to the edge of the river Cam, snapped this pic and turned for home . This part of the river is notorious for water nymphs and sirens employing their luring skills. I decided not to provoke them and turned my back on this lonely path. This 5 mile run brings my Janathon tally to around 42 miles.

Eight weeks to go for Cambridge half marathon. I’ve neglected to do long runs for the past 2-3 months and need to get back in the groove. Running along the Cam is an integral part of distance training and takes me into Cambridge. How will I deal with the nymphs/sirens threat? Ear plugs and  blindfold should do it. Keeping to the path will be easy peasy. If I feel grass under my feet, I’ll simply glide back onto the hard path.

I’m running slow at the moment, essentially because I’m 4-5 pounds over my usual running weight and still eating too much this side of Christmas. Current treat?  Rum and raisin ice cream with added sultanas and a measure of Drambuie over the top.

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