Aliveandrunning January 18 2015 Janathon Day 18

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I ran into Cambridge city centre from my teeny weeny village today. From my door to Heffers bookshop in the beating heart of academia, I clocked 6 miles. I entered Heffers in my hi viz jacket, radiant as a sun god, stated my business and was immediately taken to the book of my desire. The very same scenario was replicated in the Cambridge University Press bookshop. Owing to the pretentious nature of the purchased books, I cannot reveal their titles. I can only offer a hint. They are “substantial.” Need I say more?

It was getting late and rather than run back with two books jiggling around, I got Park and Ride and jogged back 2 mile s home.

Eight miles in all.

2 thoughts on “Aliveandrunning January 18 2015 Janathon Day 18

  1. What a tease! What secret vice is hidden in those bags? My imagination is running riot! What could you be so ashamed of and yet you didn’t hide the fact of the books altogether? The daily mail compendium? Piers Morgan’s autobiography? When will all be revealed?

  2. So, you accept the premise that there are actually books in the bags,do you? Because they look empty to me! However, you are right (and wrong). There are books but not the ones you suggested. I might have bought them for research purposes but, if so, they would be in secure, anti contamination containers and only handled with sturdy tongs.
    I bought Virtuous Violence by Fiske and Rai and Wounding the World by Joanna Bourke. Latter author worth listening to on Thinking Aloud podcast, Jan 7.

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