Aliveandrunning January 26 2015 Janathon Day 26

1506564_10152181755921159_185296790_n This picture of me being pursued by a bunch of crazy, Christmas themed  running zombies was taken in December 2014. It reminds me of when I was able to run uninjured. I was a running runner rather than a non running runner. It nicely illustrates my famous half daft open mouth style and my successful Jedward hairstyle.

I decided to have another rest day today, apart from a 2 mile walk with Rupert, and I must admit I feel better for it. It’s a commonplace that injured runners tend to start running too soon and compound their injuries. This certainly won’t apply to me! I am giving myself a whole 24 hours to fully recover and then I’ll go for a club run tomorrow evening.

Next Saturday is Cambridge parkrun’s 5th birthday. Unfortunately the  UK weather is set to deteriorate mid week and over the weekend. I may be running in a blanket of snow which I would enjoy. I’ve now done 215 5k parkruns having started at Cambridge parkrun no. 5 which I ran 6 months after my heart attack. By good chance a new dog walking friend mentioned Cambridge parkrun, having just discovered it himself and now its become a part of my running history. Another 35 and I’ll get my golden 250th running top. I’ll wear it with pride and people will mistake me for an actual sun god clad in burnished armour. I won’t disabuse them of their belief.

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