Aliveandrunning January 5 2014 Janathon Day 5

WP_20150105_001 What could be better than going for a run, cooking a meal featuring Brussels sprouts and clearing up whilst listening to Sun Ra and his Arkestra (Easy Listening for Intergalactic Travel). If you like jazz, he may be to your taste. If you don’t like jazz, you’ll run off screaming for mercy. I use him to clear the kitchen of unnecessary personnel. Ms Alive and Running is not a fan unfortunately.

Just a two mile default run today. I ran in the dark and didn’t meet anyone. The temperature has risen substantially again and it wasn’t cold. I felt fine and could have continued running if time allowed. The only problem is that running consistently seems to have increased my appetite in the evening. I’ve put on around 4 pounds over Christmas. With my present level of eating I may not lose it before the end of Janathon.

Just over 2 months to Cambridge Half Marathon which I’m looking forward to. I’ve got out of the habit of doing long training runs but I will have to start soon.

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