Aliveandrunning January 6 2015 Janathon Day 6

WP_20150106_001 Today’s small haul of books bought at the charity Emmaus, a local large shop attached to residential accommodation for homeless people about a mile away from me. I showed commendable restraint in keeping purchases to a minimum. There were so many deserving cases which I had to leave on the shelves. Ms Alive and Running patted me on the head, acknowledging the self sacrifice I had made.

I went road running with the club tonight. We warm up on the Cambridge University athletics track which includes jogging two circuits before we split up into two groups to either do track or road training. However, the track had become icy as the temperature plunged (good tabloid word). So no track and both groups went on the road to do different training. It was chilly, the pavements weren’t slippery and there was no wind. I was fully wrapped up and didn’t feel cold. I enjoyed this invigorating session and returned home seriously hungry. Whereupon I devoured a mountain of food.


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